Mei Kishiki, DDS

Dr. Kishiki was born and raised in Osaka and moved to Pittsburgh, PA with her family after her first year of high school.  After graduating from high school, Dr. Kishiki entered Pennsylvania State University to study biology.  While at Penn State, she worked in a research lab in the Department of Entomology that investigates the Colony Collapse Disorder of honeybees.  Dr. Kishiki was recognized for her dexterity and was entrusted with dissecting the physiology of bees under a microscope.  After graduating from Penn State, Dr. Kishiki worked for 1 year at the Cardiovascular Research Facility of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and then entered the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in CA in 2013 and graduated in 2016.  After working in San Jose, CA for 2 years, Dr. Kishiki has been working as a general dentist in Texas since 2019.

Dr. Kishiki believes that being a dentist is the ideal job, allowing her to use her knowledge and strengths to help others.  At Narita Family Dental Friso, she is dedicated to delivering high quality dental are using the latest technologies in the office.  Dr. Kishiki believes patient satisfaction and positive experience are important.

Dr. Kishiki’s hobbies are observing nature and watching theatrical and dance performances such as musicals, operas, and ballets.  Beaumont, her first posting in Texas, was surrounded by vast wetlands, and she was very impressed by the opportunity to see wild American alligators, various lizards, and snakes up close.  Dallas is a big city, so Dr. Kishiki looks forward to enjoying the variety of performances available.